Change Summit.17

Rethink your accounting firm's potential.

Join Timothy Munro and the Change GPS team at the event that covers the topics that you won't hear at any other, and learn the "how to" from extraordinary accounting firm owners!

Be inspired by a line-up of real accountants and advisors who all run highly successful accounting and financial advice businesses sharing their inside stories and secrets.

You will be challenged to rethink, refocus and reconnect as you're guided to create your own 2018 plan to make things easier and faster for your team, better for your clients, and create more money.

Together we will help you

  • Rethink how to best manage your firm
  • Create a pathway to realise your firm's potential in 2018
  • Gain massive confidence to try successful ideas

You'll leave with

  • Key learnings from mega successful firms
  • Practical ideas that cost you nothing, but produce great outcomes
  • A brilliant pre-recorded masterclass with Paul Dunn on how to frame conversations with clients that will guarantee huge success. This alone is with attending this event!
  • A workbook with your own notes on how to define and implement your 2018 plan

Special guests to network with

Timothy Munro Change Accountants & Advisors
Lisa Callaghan Interactive Accounting
Richard Francis Spotlight Reporting
Philippa Sheehan MyPlanner
Chris Ridd myprosperity
Steph Hinds Growthwise
Stuart McLeod & Wayne Schmidt Karbon
Barry McGee Worthmore
Dave Boyar SequelCFO and
"from the trenches" podcast host

Eventbrite - Change Summit.17 | Ideas Confidence How for Accountants


The Agenda 9:30am registration

10:00a Welcome and housekeeping Timothy Munro
10:05a Change GPS Update recent releases overview Trevor D + Mikala B
10:20a Urgent Security Update lessons learned from recent hacking Jeremy Johnston
10:30a Top 20 Ridiculous things accounting firms still do (that they don't need to) Jeremy Johnston + Barry McGee
11:00a A fresh approach to workflow and reporting Steph Hinds
11:30a Future Practice Management Software What do accountants really need? Stuart McLeod
12:00n Using the VPP approach to upfront pricing and Managing your accountants without timesheets Lisa Callaghan
12:30p Lunch  
1:30p The "wealth conversation" that accountants can (and should) legally have with their clients Philippa Sheehan
2:00p 5 Game changing ways accounting firms are using myprosperity Chris Ridd


Masterclass: What to say to your clients with huge success (p1 a brilliant pre-recorded session)
  • How do we connect with clients and motivate them to action?
  • How to move clients from 'here' to 'there'?
  • Cost effective ideas that can produce priceless results
  • Understanding customer behaviours and economics
Paul Dunn
3:00p Afternoon Tea  
3:30p Masterclass (p2 a brilliant pre-recorded session)
  • What does technology really allow you to do
  • What to say when something goes wrong
  • Positioning value pricing and business advisory services
  • Briggest industry trend right now, and 3 things to focus on over next 2 years
Paul Dunn
4:00p  The inside story about rolling out business advisory services Richard Francis


'Have a Voice' ask your questions & idea swaps (Rnd 1+2)
  • Practice Management - what do you really need?
  • Wealth Services - create client stickiness
  • Business Advisory - is it just a trend or is it where you need to be
  • Change GPS - do you find yourself in a rut
Steph, Stuart, Wayne, Philippa, Chris, Richard, Barry, Tim + Team
6:00p Member Awards  
6:15p Change GPS New Release Timothy Munro + Team
6:30p Putting your 7 step action plan together Timothy Munro
7:00p 'Have a Voice' - ask your questions & idea swaps (Rnd 3+4)
  • Practice Management - management without timesheets
  • Wealth Services - create client stickiness
  • Business Advisory - key learnings from the accounting 'front-line'
  • Change GPS - ask Tim and the team your questions
Lisa, Stuart, Wayne, Philippa, Chris, Richard, Barry, Tim + Team
8:00p Late Night "from the trenches" Session hosted by Dave Boyar
Are we as accountant's hypocrites if we tell clients to do things we aren't doing for our firm?
  • Do you actually do what you try to sell to your clients?
  • What is "business advisory?" is it really different to "virtual CFO" services?
  • Why are extremely few accounting firms run like a business? This is astounding...
  • Why your practice manager may be your biggest impediment to growth!
9:00p Close  

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